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Jan 16

Gerrit Rietveld

Comments (0) 12:00 AM posted by admin | announced the winners of its Bush in 30 Seconds political advertising contest. The winner was an ad that featured little children doing jobs such as picking up trash, doing house cleaning, and washing dishes that suggested that it is today’s children who will clean up the Bush deficits. Personally, I thought it was uninspired.

A few of you may think this is just sour grapes on my part since my entry — a claymation take-off of the California Raisins — was snubbed. Is it my fault that filmmaking that blends abstraction and simplicity with a post-apocolyptic animation style was not understood by such celebrity judges as Eddie Vedder, Michael Mann, and Margaret Cho? That’s the last time I ever enter such a bourgeois contest. My mentor Gerrit Rietveld is probably spinning in his grave.

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