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Feb 20

Unsafe At Any Speed

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Word on the street is that consumer-advocate Ralph Nader will announce his candicacy for President of the United States on “Meet The Press” this Sunday. I have long blamed Mr. Nader for getting G.W. elected in 2000. In his defense, what he did in 2000 was admirable as he tried to shake up the traditional two-party system. In the end, wide-eyed idealists tossed their votes his way in protest of Al Gore. Or was it in support of G.W.? Regardless, what’s done is done. Should he run again in 2004, instead of feeling anger towards the man, I would feel pity. His ego will have gotten the better of him, and he’ll be a joke. It’s a shame that someone so great in stature should go out like this, but as the great philosopher Kenny Rogers once said, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.

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