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Mar 02

The Vacant Buildings Vote

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With much confusion and exasperation, the Vacant Buildings Ordinance was adopted on a 4 to 3 vote. Council Members Filipiak, Swanson, and Richardson voted nay while Mayor Farmer and Council Members LaRue, Gawlas, and Nickels voted aye.

I hope my complaints on the lack of ordinance enforcement were not lost in the melee. I did get a chance to burden Mr. Boulard of Building Inspection for forty minutes with my ranting. Talking to him was the highlight of my evening. He’s certainly my favorite City official by a mile. I expect big things from him.

Additionally, Council Member Filipiak was very impressive. Not that it means anything coming from me, but he showed enough class for everyone on Council this evening.

You can find my rant here. With any luck, my performance will be considered by the Academy.

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