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Mar 31

Choose Or Lose

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John Kerry was featured on MTV’s “Choose Or Lose” television show proving that the FCC really has no idea what is going on nowadays. Maybe it’s not fair to poke fun at the FCC. Perhaps the real culprits here are some obscure election regulations board. The point is apparently this whole equal time in the media thing is a farce. Don’t get me wrong now. I don’t want to see any more of Bush’s smirking than I have to, but fair is fair — or least that’s how it used to be back in my day. I have no doubt that Kerry is going to move into the White House next January, but he really needs to watch who he keeps as company. Gideon Yago?!?! For crying out loud, he should have demanded Sway, or at the very least, John Norris. When he finally goes and shows up on Saturday Night Live, I may have to throw my support to my neighbor. Don’t laugh. My write-in campaign for him 2000 netted him 165 votes.

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