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Apr 27

Strawberry Lip Salvation

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An article in The Village Voice today is urging the Democrats to dump John Kerry and pick someone, anyone. Mr. Kerry will be in the area for a talk tomorrow at Washtenaw Community College. Kerry’s website didn’t offer any details on the event. I heard a rumor somewhere today that his “Jobs First” talk was invitation only.

In less political/more vinyl related news, my copy of Flyte Reaction‘s “Strawberry Lip Salvation” finally arrived after its exhaustive trans-Atlantic journey. Just because their web site isn’t up to snuff doesn’t mean that Mick Crossley et al aren’t with it. Dont’ take this the wrong way, but you’re probably a little to square for the likes of Flyte Reaction. This twelve year old song is eerily topical, but you probably wouldn’t get it.

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