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May 03

More Beer

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If I hear one more lame joke about John Kerry‘s new economic adviser singing “Margaritaville,” I’m sending all of my money to Al Sharpton. Now that Warren Buffett is on board as an advisor to Kerry, I think it’s safe to say that the campaign is over. Between Teresa Heinz‘s fabulous wealth, Kerry’s allegedly awesome hair, and his penchant for trying to earn more Purple Hearts, Kerry is rapidly distancing himself from the idea that he is a Man of the People. Where’s Jerry Brown when you need him?

This weekend I tried to play my part in regime change by attending one of those bake sales. As most of you know, I easily get freaked out by large groups of people as well as very big dogs. The bake sale I visited had both. I think I ended up plunking down twenty bucks for a small bag of dog biscuits. I thought I was buying some kind of homemade vegan smore, but I must have fallen victim the classic bait-and-switch. Damn you George Soros. I’ll get you, and I’ll get Peter Lewis too.

Finally, another day and another excellent batch of beer is sitting in the tanks fermenting away. This time it’s Demetrius Ypsilanti Brown Ale. The good folks over at East Cross Brewing sure do know what’s what.

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