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Jul 26

The Stealth Campaign

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After Nick Carter and Paris Hilton announced they were parting ways in order to focus more on their careers, one might think it would be difficult to continue a secret campaign for the Ward 3 representative to the Ypsilanti City Council. In my effort to serve my community, I must continue.

Running a stealth campaign for City Council is not easy. The biggest hurdle that I have to overcome is that my opponent is hand-picked by the Mayor. I’m sure my opponent is a fabulous person, but if you are a voter that is dissatisfied with what the current City Council is doing, then things aren’t likely to change.

Since he is running un-opposed on the ballot, he is not campaigning or advertising. That is likely to change once I file. I am not going to file until the very last second (i.e. 3:59 PM on Friday the 30th). As soon as I do file, my opponent is going to get a call from the City Clerk’s Office informing him of my decision. I’d rather he had only a weekend to campaign as compared to an entire week.

Campaigning has been a great source of joy. Residents are sharp and well imformed to important issues concerning the City. So far I’ve met nothing but fantastic people. I would like to think my grass-roots approach is winning supporters and there will be evidence of that come the 3rd. The residents of Ward 3 deserve a choice. I’d like to be that choice.

If you’d like to show your own support for my candidacy, download it here.

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