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Sep 06

Not The Heritage Fellow

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I can tell you what Labor Day is all about.

Okay. So I’m up on the ladder at a very dangerous height. More importantly, I was on the rung that is not supposed to be a step, but is used as one by people who don’t have a bigger ladder. Anyway. I was trying route the various wires and cables attached to my house so that they were more visually pleasing. As I’m doing this, someone yells up to me, desperately trying to get my attention. I tried to ignore this person a long as I could, but he began to shake my ladder. I did the neighborly thing and climbed down to talk to my assailant. To make a long story short, this person thought I was the 2004 Ypsilanti Heritage Fellow Award winner and was looking for an autograph. I gave this misguided soul directions, pointed north, and sent him on his way.

Just another day in Ypsilanti.

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