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Mar 17

Good-bye, Superintendent

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If there is anything crazier than local government politics, it’s local school board politics. Is the Water Street Project burning a hole in your stomach? Well, that’s nothing compared to the direction our schools are headed.

Yesterday, Superintendent David Zulhke took home a resignation package worth $258K after submitting his resignation to the Ypsilanti school board. There is no grey area when it comes to Dr. Zuhlke, You either love him or hate him. He’s the reason enrollment is down and he’s the only guy who can save a school district in crisis.

Over the past couple of years, the school board has gone from an anti-Zuhlke majority to an pro-Zuhlke majority back to an anti-Zuhlke majority this past summer with the election of Cameron Getto. The imminent election of Amy Doyle this coming election will tilt the school board in a direction where things may be accomplished and begin to get better again.

Not all news in the world is bad though. Leonard Nimoy is planning on publishing a book of kinky photography of the obese burlesque troupe “The Fat Bottom Revue.” It’s his prerogative to do what he wants, but I just wish he’d get back to his roots.

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