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Jun 23

Meet The Beer People

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Well it looks like Matt & Rene Greff, Ypsilanti residents and owners of the Ann Arbor Brewing Company, are looking to open a brew pub in the old Motor Wheel office building on Norris Street. They have applied to have the area rezoned and are having an informational meet and greet this Saturday at 2PM at the property (720 Norris). See this flyer for information.

Don’t get me wrong, having any business open in Ypsilanti is great. I guess I’m just stunned that this is happening while the City jams up Dave French and Mike O’Brien from the Ypsilanti Brewing Company and their quest to open a brew pub just down the street from 720 Norris. Admittedly the 720 Norris site has the paving and berms and such that the City Planners drool over, but you have to feel bummed that there isn’t the potential of having two brew pubs open in the near future.

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