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Jul 06

George Harrison’s Friend

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Because it’s too late to get this into the Ypsilanti Courier, I offer you this public service announcement.

The Ypsilanti Blue Ribbon Commission on City Finances will not be holding a public meeting on the City income tax proposal as previously reported. They will be meeting on July 13th to formalize their recommendations to the City. It will be the last chance for anyone to have any input on the proposal before it goes before Council. Be there, or be square. Maybe I should say, be there or face the repercussions of a regressive tax on lower-income renters while land owners such as myself see their property taxes rolled back a couple mills in order to win our favor and vote this in during some special election in the future.

You know, the first one was a little catchier, so go with that.

I really did want to be at the meeting this evening, but there were two reasons I couldn’t make it. The first is the meeting was at 6:30PM. That’s just a little too early for my liking. The second is that I’m building a bomb shelter in my back yard, and I’m actually a little behind schedule.

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