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Jul 17

Tax Calculator v2.0

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This is a more practical Ypsilanti income tax calculator. Remember that the proposal on the table is a 1% income tax with a $1000 credit per exemption and a 2.0 mill property tax rollback for homeowners.

If you live in Ypsilanti and presently work in one of the 22 other cities that have an income tax, you are only responsible to Ypsilanti the amount that would total 1%. For example, if you live in Ypsilanti and work in Lansing, you would continue to pay your 0.5% income tax to Lansing, but would only be on the hook for 0.5% to Ypsilanti. If you live in Ypsilanti and work in Detroit, you would continue to pay your 1.2% income tax to Detroit, but wouldn’t owe Ypsilanti a dime.

You can look up the taxable value of your home at the assessor’s web site. No User Name or Password is required. Simply hit the Login button. From there you can find your property by either looking up your name or your street address.

Income Tax Calculator
City Income Tax Rate
Exemption Level
Property Millage Rollback
Personal Exemptions
Yearly Income
Taxable Value of House
City Income Tax Due
Property Tax Savings
Increased Tax Burden
Your Share of the $2.5M deficit
Effective Income Tax Rate

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