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Jan 14

Good-night, Mr. Smith

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Rodney Smith, of the Ypsilanti Courier, has announced his resignation from the paper. This comes as a significant blow to the reporting of community news.

With his departure, we are likely to see fewer editorials on the foibles of City Council. Mr. Smith will probably be replaced by Kathleen Conat leading to a less objective view of things and more editorials criticizing the number of festivals the City of Ypsilanti hosts.

Perhaps the most devasting impact this will have will be on me. Who is going to mention me in their articles each week? Just when my publicity machine was beginning to hit full stride, I am forced to suffer this terrible blow.

Good luck Mr. Smith, and if you ever need a job writing about Ypsilanti, you are more than welcome to publish your stuff here. I may not pay as much as the Courier did, but the personal contract I force you to sign will be far less severe.

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