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Feb 01

The Dictator And The Bus

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Had Saddam Hussein not turned into a ruthless dictator, it’s not unreasonable to imagine him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Had Jerome Bettis not turned into a Hall of Fame football player, it’s not unreasonable to imagine him as a ruthless dictator.

Shortly after Hussein became the president of Iraq, he donated $250K to Chaldean Sacred Heart church in Detroit. As a reward for his generosity, then-mayor Coleman Young gave Hussein the key to the city in 1980. As thanks for receiving the key to the city, Hussein gave another $200K to the church to pay off their remaining debt. Not to be outdone again, Hussein was rewarded for his charity by having his country attacked by the United States. Twice.

In case not everyone has realized it yet, Jerome Bettis, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is from Detroit. He’s coming home to play what is likely the last football game of his career on Sunday in Super Bowl XL. He’s a faithful ambassador for the city of Detroit. He loves the city and the city loves him.

As a reward for his passion for Detroit, Hizzoner himself, Kwame Kilpatrick, awarded Bettis the key to the city today. Bettis became the fourth person to ever receive the ceremonial key, the first since Hussein some twenty-six years ago. Mayor Kilpatrick originally wanted to name this week Jerome Bettis Week, but the Mayor had too many parties to attend and the paperwork never was finished.

Governor Jennifer Granholm also proclaimed today Jerome Bettis Day in the state of Michigan.

Let’s hope Bettis learns from Hussein’s mistakes and doesn’t launch any missles at Israel or bar IAEA inspectors from visiting his parents’ home.

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