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Apr 18

This Is Our Democracy

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If you read this stuff on a regular basis, then you’re tuning in to find out about the stuff about Ypsilanti they don’t normally report in the newspapers. It’s true that some of you may read this to catch up on my latest run-ins with US Customs officials, but for most of you, it’s all about our little community.To my credit, I’d like to think I’ve broken some significant stories over the years. I introduced Ypsilanti to Emmanuel Ku. I gave you the scoop on Edwards Communities begging for another million bucks. I reported on the first meet and greet with the Greffs and the Corner Brewery. I’ve even shared the wealth with others and gave them the stories too controversial for even me.

But it turns out I couldn’t even scoop my own story.

Kudos to the Ann Arbor News and the bloggers that broke it first.

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