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Jan 12

Every Generation Needs A New Revolution

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If you watch this space then by now you’ve realized that I provide a link and expect that upon seeing that link you’ll follow it so you can gain insight or background on the topic at hand. Because this little gem is of such interest, I’m going to break from the norm and save you the hassle of clicking your mouse button.

This beauty comes from the Ann Arbor News. I don’t link to them that often, not because I’m not as cozy with them as I am the fine folks at the Ypsilanti Courier (located in Belleville for your convenience), but rather because they usually miss the point or blame me for the set-backs to the Water Street Project.

Without further ado, here goes:

One of the newest Ann Arbor City Council members is using technology in a way that shouldn’t, at this point, be unique – but is.

Ron Suarez, elected to represent the First Ward last year, is a tech entrepreneur who’s also a bit of an evangelist for using the Internet to promote public discourse. He has morphed his campaign Web site – – into a place that lets constituents know what issues the council is considering, and what his thoughts are on those issues.


Haven’t I been doing that for you, my loyal constituents? Where’s my Ann Arbor News love? When do I get an invitation to join the revolutionary technologists club?

After pulling that stunt where I had fake comments a few months back, I can understand why there isn’t much discourse on my site regarding some of these issues. My attitude used to be that this a monologue and hecklers in the crowd will not be addressed, but that’s changed. I’ve upgraded the site and added commenting capabilities. I’ve done my best to change for you, but the discourse isn’t there yet. We’ll get there in time, I’m sure.

Since the general election, I’ve given you the skinny on the Water Street Project as well as some of the financial background on the matter. I’ve tried to open the discussion on the cable franchise bill and its impact on Ypsilanti finances. I’ve opened up on the dirty secretive world of prostitution in Ypsilanti. One of my posts on the Thompson Building forced the City Attorney to issue a memo. Finally, I’ve offered up my thoughts on the City’s visioning and goal-setting sessions and sparked quite the discussion.

Before this turns into an entry about “Notice me! Notice me!” I want to point out to our neighbors to the west and all of my constituents that I love so dearly, that in Ypsilanti we are progressive. We are cutting-edge. We do care. I would also like to take this time and challenge my fellow Council Members to start their own blogs. John Gawlas, D-Ward 2, already has a web site to which he could easily add blogging capabilities. Mayor Schreiber issues his periodic “Mayor’s Update” emails, he could start a blog.

We should all have blogs.

Rather than take the time to organize all of these public meetings, we could begin this discussion online in an officially sanctioned place. It wouldn’t replace the public meetings, but it would enhance their value. Why trudge through a lot of background when that could happen prior?

We need to begin thinking bigger.

The only final question I have is where does Mayor Heiftje take Ron Suarez to dinner? I think we should make it a foursome next time.

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  1. Comment by trusty getto
    January 12, 2007 @ 12:03 pm

    Hear, hear!

    I advocated that in October 2005, when I said (on my blog):

    “Feel free to vote for the person who doesn’t have a blog, who doesn’t have a record for you to scrutinize, who you know very little about, and then trust them to handle some of the biggest challenges our community has ever faced. Feel free to trust that they will have decent judgment and value transparency and inclusion, despite the fact that all you know about them is from a couple of questionnaires and a debate or two.

    It has occurred to me that perhaps our state would be in better economic shape today if we knew who our elected officials actually are as people instead of judging them purely on the things that they say when others are watching. It’s easy to talk the talk. It’s not as easy to walk the walk.”


    My plea fell on deaf ears then, and I’m predicting yours will now as well.

    As for the fake comments, I for one was entertained.

  2. Comment by rodsmith
    January 14, 2007 @ 12:13 pm

    While I was also entertained by the fake comments, I did find myself explaining the joke to a couple of folks, which is always a bit of a letdown.

    It then took me little while to realize that you had, indeed, added comments rather than taking a broadside at the internet community at large (funny thing about jokes, they have a habit of being taken any number of ways.)

    Take Care


  3. Comment by trusty getto
    January 18, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

    Forget about what I said above. An anonymous commenter said, over on my blog, that “blogging remarks towards elected officials seems to be a cowardly method of operation.”

    I guess all we cowards will just have to stop.

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