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Sep 14

Things Will Be Great When You’re — Downtown

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On Friday, August 17th of this year, the Ann Arbor News ran an article on Heritage Fellow Peter Rinehart. In the article, they said,

The Ypsilanti downtown business district along Michigan Avenue was a sad stretch when Rinehart opened Bombadill’s Coffee House there three years ago. Though the area continues to struggle, since then the cafe has become a popular meeting place, bringing together families, workers from local businesses, students and faculty from Eastern Michigan University and anyone who’s looking for coffee, pastries, a wireless Internet connection or just good conversation.”

The key word is STRUGGLE.

On Wednesday, September 17th of this year, the Ann Arbor News ran an article on downtown developers Eric & Karen Maurer and their successful downtown development projects. In the article, it said,

The buildings [128 and 130 West Michigan Avenue) sit on a key downtown corner, in a burgeoning entertainment and restaurant district.”

The key word is BURGEONING.

People, that’s just how fast things happen here in Ypsilanti. Our Historic Downtown has gone from “struggling” to “burgeoning” in 26 DAYS. That’s insane.

At this pace, in a couple of months, it’s going to be too busy to go there. We’re going to have to find somewhere else less crowded.

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