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Feb 26

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Wireless Ypsi has made the blog lazy. Because it’s taken off like gangbusters, it’s easy to link to a news article about us or mention how many users we have. It’s too easy to do that. As such, I proudly announce the official launch of the Wireless Ypsi blog.

I know what you’re thinking. Now I have two blogs that I’ll neglect. Maybe so, but Wireless Ypsi has become bigger than me. It deserves its own voice. Besides, when I go to take over the world, I can always point to it as an example of my benovolence.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention a final few Wireless Ypsi gems.

Ann Arbor Business Review

Wireless Ypsi was mentioned in the Ann Arbor Business Review a week or so ago. We were mentioned in their Rise / Fall segment they do in the back. We received an UP arrow. You can see a copy of the piece HERE, but humor me for a second while I reprint what they had to say.


Because of a $1,200 investment by Ypsilanti bloggers Brian Robb and Steve Pierce, a portion of the downtown has become a free wireless Internet zone, creating a broadband network that its founders hope to encompass the greater downtown area. This is a major achievement for Ypsilanti, which has now set the example for Wireless Washtenaw. I would like to think that I am much more than just a blogger. Creative entrepreneur springs to mind, but it’s probably too tacky to give oneself a title.


Metromode ran a full-length article about Wireless Ypsi last Thursday. It killed. I say this with only loving respect, but when it came time for the photo opportunities, I asked for the “Maynard pose.” We had the same photographer they used for the Hipsilanti shoot. The photographer was kind enough to oblige, but as you can see from the article, the picture didn’t make the cut. Mr. Pierce was wearing a hat and everyone knows that pictures of people in hats sell newspapers — even if they are online.

The greatest thing about the Metromode piece was that it painted Ypsilanti as a player when it comes to advancements in technology. Too often Ypsilanti gets marginalized in the press and portrayed as wacky. Kudos to Metromode for having an unbiased say in the matter.

EMU Ethos Week

Talk about your town / gown relationships.

Eastern Michigan University, our much-maligned, largest employer in the City, tax-exempt entity to the north, has decided to join forces with Wireless Ypsi by putting up some radios at the downtown business school and sharing some bandwidth. This joint partnership comes in conjunction with Ethos Week [March 10th through the 14th]. Ethos Week is the nation’s only event of its kind — a conference that focuses on the celebration of examining ethics in business and education.

A hearty thank you goes out to David Mielke, Dean of the College of Business, as well as Michael Pickerell, COB Technology Specialist, and Rocky Jenkins, EMU networking tsar. Now that we have EMU on board with Wireless Ypsi, getting them to allow the downtown to use their parking structure on weekends should quickly move forward.

Downriver Community Conference

Wireless Ypsi has been invited to present at the Downriver Community Conference on March 11th. The DCCWF is an annual summit meeting that brings together community leaders to identify and approach common issues. This year, they are spending time on Wireless Downriver.

When you look at what the Downriver Community focuses on, this is an excellent opportunity for Ypsilanti to make some lasting relationships with communities that do not border us. Of special interest is the Downriver Fire Authority. They have a significant amount of information that the City might find of interest.

Other Projects

Wireless Ypsi is currently working on networking the senior high-rise at 401 East Michigan Avenue as well as the old high school on West Cross Street.

If anyone has any additional projects or would like to get involved so that I can may have more time to increase my sphere of influence in Ypsilanti, contact us.

Ypsilanti Housing Commission, we’re looking at you.

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  1. Comment by trusty getto
    February 28, 2008 @ 10:15 am

    You’ve got to stop raising the bar, Brian. Slow down. All this innovation and progress might catch on and, well, that might make others look bad for their lack of progress.

    You wouldn’t want THAT to happen, would you?

  2. Comment by MiLife MiTimes
    March 6, 2008 @ 1:19 pm


    We mentioned your site in our recent article surrounding the strength of Ypsilanti. It discusses the transformation of the city due largely to the efforts of local bloggers.

    Just thought that you might be interested!

    MiLife MiTimes

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