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Apr 20

Overheard In Ypsilanti

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While having dinner the other night in Ypsilanti’s demilitarized zone, I overheard three out-of-towners at the table behind me talking about the architectural tour they were taking of commercial Ypsilanti properties this Monday.

The were getting a special, early morning tour of the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. They also planned to visit the Willow Run plant, Kluck’s, the Chick-Inn, Roy’s Squeeze Inn, Preston Tucker’s house, Gabriel’s, as well as about a half dozen the sites. There was no mention of Downtown or Depot Town. They were car nuts and must have loved curb-side food.

People often talk about how Ypsilanti needs to better market itself. What I found interesting is that in one day these three guys were going to see more places than a lot of people in town have.

If you haven’t been yet, go get a Squeeze Burger and fries and wash it down with some root beer from Bill’s Hot Dog Stand.

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