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Jun 09

There Is But One Step From The Academy To The Fad

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In less than five and a half months, Wireless Ypsi has seen 3,597 users. We’ve transferred 1.058 Terrabytes of information. And we’ve become the seventh largest Meraki network in the world.

Well now, we’re going to be part of a nice, young woman from Temple University‘s PhD dissertation on mesh network communities.

Yes, you heard that right. We are going to be part of the annals of academia.

Questions ranged from Wireless Ypsi’s ideology to our business model to whether or not local government is trying to partner with us. Dirt was dished on every seedy rumor involving Wireless Ypsi. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait three to five years to read all about it. Of course, by then it will be a respectable business model copied by do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

I have to be honest with you. I never thought taking over the world would be so easy.

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