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Jun 21

The Water Street Of Plymouth

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Our good friends Joseph Freed and Associates are back in the local news again.

This time, it involves the Daisy Square developemnt in Plymouth. Daisy Square is the site of the old Daisy Red Ryder Western Carbine factory (or the classic Daisy BB gun for those who are weapon-impaired or have never seen that stupid movie, “A Christmas Story).

It turns out that Freed wants to tear down the last part of the factory’s façade claiming that it is structurally unsound. According to the article, “Under the 2003 agreement the developer was allowed to demolish the majority of the then 121-year-old building if they agreed to preserve the façade and existing buildings around it. The development agreement was amended in 2005 to allow Freed to only preserve the façade and wall of the structure.

I wonder if the City has called Freed to see how sales are going for this project. More to the point, I wonder if the City has called the City of Plymouth to get the sales history from their City Assessor. It would be an interesting way to track trends and resale value. With what we learn, perhaps we won’t be so eager to do commercial on Michigan Avenue with residential in-fill behind it. Of course, that’s just me, and everyone knows I’m nuts.

For what it’s worth, townhouses in the Daisy Square project range from $234K for 1658 square feet to just under $300K for 2436 square feet of magic. Loft residences go for $179K for a 891 square foot condo to $268K for nearly 1400 square feet of room.

It looks like they still have a lot left to build. That sort of makes one long for a giant nuclear power plant at Water Street.

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  1. Comment by Plymouthite
    June 21, 2008 @ 8:40 pm

    The historical value of the Daisy site was in the “expendable” buildings that were demo’d early on. The facade that was initially saved in the development agreement was nothing in comparison to the lost historical value of the rest of the site. The problem was the other buildings were filled with lead pellets and BBs (potential hazards giving the site brownfield status).

    The Plymouth project is facing nothing more than the same perfect economic storm Ypsilanti and the rest of Michigan is dealing with right now. Once the economy turns around, Plymouth is well-placed to continue to be successful.

    It is well-managed, has a coherent plan for its future, has land development ordinances that are fairly modern, and has building/planning/dda staff and consultants that are knowledgeable, accessible, and easy to work with from a developers point of view. Hmmm, I wonder why Ypsilanti continues to struggle…..

  2. Comment by Ben
    June 21, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

    “Stupid movie”?? Have you no soul?

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