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Jun 29

Shameless (Albeit High Tech) Self-Promotion

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The Ann Arbor News had a wonderful article on the adopt-a-park program in Ypsilanti as it relates to Prospect Park and the four neighborhood associations that are working hard there.

The Michigan Business Review had a nice summary about Wireless Ypsi in prepration for the Innovation Michigan exposition in the middle of July where we will “join [us] in that celebration, whether in person or at least by noting how these 38 companies are advancing not only their own bottom lines but also the entrepreneurial, innovative climate for the entire state.”

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  1. Comment by David French
    July 6, 2009 @ 9:52 pm

    Thanks to all the people who worked hard to improve Prospect Park. It’s not said enough how grateful our community is to those who volunteer to make our town a better place to live. I know I appreciate it.

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