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Jan 08

Trump This!

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The oldest living combat-wounded U.S. veteran of World War I died yesterday at the age of 108 — just ten days short of his 109th birthday. Does that mean that some soldiers who were able to get into the national guard are still alive?

I am not a big fan of the reality show (although I do have a spot in my heart for such pseudo-reality television like Rich Girls and The Surreal Life), I have to say that tonight was some of the greatest television of my generation. Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” debuted tonight and looks to be a smashing success. The show’s premise is much like all reality television shows. A bunch of people humiliate themselves in order to “win” something — in this case a one-year contract to be the president of a Donald Trump company.

The Donald is a really smarmy guy, but I give him credit for making fools out of these contestants in prime time. What shocked me the most is that when one team won a tour of his penthouse, they couldn’t stop telling him how beautiful it was. To be honest, it looks the same now as it did back in 1988 when I last had dinner there. You’d think with all of his money, he could afford not to furnish it like a bordello.

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