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Jan 21

So Long Sam

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Sam really blew it this week and was kicked off of The Apprentice. In an effort to make him put up or shut up, the team elected him Project Manager. To make a long story short, his strategy was all wrong and it cost him. Instead of dropping a dime on Nick and getting him called in front of Donald Trump, Sam mistakenly picked the two stooges who bad-mouthed him to the boss. Now that Sam is gone, the show officially sucks.

In other news, isn’t it odd that the very same day the President announced a visit to Roswell, NM, a UFO is spotted over Kansas City? The last time a president visited Roswell was Ronald Reagan back in 1984.

This brings up some interesting questions that only Paul O’Neill could answer? I’ll bet that we are going to attack the inter-galactic axis of evil; the Klingons, the Romulans, and Ricardo Montalban. I just know it. This is the scoop Jason Blair only dreamed of making up.

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