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Jan 25

There Goes Johnny!

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When I heard that Johnny Carson had died, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day. Any God that has issues with Mr. Carson, was probably going to have issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The passing of Mr. Carson took a little out of all of us. For me, I think it was the part that kept me warm. I have a feeling that had Mr. Carson not passed away on Sunday, the temperatures of eleven below and wind chills of more than twenty below zero wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but it’s hard to not feel sad and cold when the King of late night is gone.

You could tell the crowd was feeling down too. We may have set a world record for the largest terrible towel display, but there were obviously a few in the crowd of 65,242 that weren’t into it. This translated into a less than inspired performance by the players. It was not a good day. If it sounds like I’m blaming all of this on Johnny Carson, I’m not. If anyone is to be held accountable for Mr. Carson’s death, it’s probably Jay Leno, but that’s a monologue for another day.

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