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Jan 28

Help Me Moby-Wan Kenobi

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While James Brown’s mug shot is no Glen Campbell, it’s a pretty good one. The Godfather of Soul was arrested on domestic violence charges. Brown recently took out a full page advertisement in Variety to say that he and his wife were splitting. Splitting, hitting, whatever. No wonder all of the proofreading jobs are heading over seas.

Keeping with music news, Agnetha Faeltskog will release her first album in over seventeen years.

Finally, Al Sharpton got a statistically insignificant zero percent of the New Hampshire vote, but our dear friend Moby thinks Al is the best candidate to be president. Moby is the reason I get all of my advice from rock stars.

The truth is I like Mr. Sharpton and hope he stays in the race. He has a pretty good message (as does Dennis Kucinich), but he has no shot at winning anything (as does Dennis Kucinich).

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