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Jan 29

Now That’s A Melon

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Local Ypsilanti celebrity Mark Maynard took a few shots at the size of John Kerry’s head. Regarding the size of Kerry’s head he said:

It must really suck going to war with a head the size of a 25-pound bag of ice.

I had originally prepared a scathing email in defense of Senator Kerry’s noggin to this gentleman, but the guy is right. Kerry’s head is a perhaps in the 95 percentile when it comes to melons.

Regardless, John Kerry is still the best guy to unseat G.W. Bush as President of the United States. With Howard Dean running out of cash, this upcoming Tuesday’s primaries should be a walk for Kerry. Dean announced that he will campaign in the seven states holding a primary, but will not run ads. His new strategy is delegates not victories or something that he’s rationalized in his head.

I’m starting to feel sorry for him now.

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