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Feb 10

The John Kerry Machine

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John Kerry cleaned house again.

Retired General Wesley Clark is going to drop out of the presidential race.

President George W. Bush’s National Guard records were released today. The Democrats are looking to make this an issue in the campaign, but it could backfire. If you remember, Kerry gave a speech on the Senate floor in defense of then Governor Bill Clinton saying that one’s service record or lack thereof should not be a factor in becoming President of the United States.

Kerry is the war hero and Bush is not, but if Clinton could send troops around the globe as Commander-In-Chief, then Bush can sure do the same in good conscience. The real issues should not be lost in the Democrats’ desire to play by Republican rules.

Bush has the worst job creation record since Herbert Hoover. That should be repeated over and over until it becomes the “read my lips…” of 2004.

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