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Mar 03

Gambling For Profit

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After the Detroit Red Wings game this evening, I decided to play a few games of chance on my way back to my vehicle. Since Detroit has pinned it’s revival on the new sports stadiums as well as casinos, I figured I should do my part and help Mayor Kilpatrick out. In a matter of twenty-five minutes, I turned five dollars into $150 playing roulette. My strategy was the tried and true Red/Black Defense. I am completely hooked now. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. If I can take $5 and get a 30X return in mere minutes, what fortunes could I reap if I were to take my god-given gambling talent and put it to work? If I stop in at a casino tomorrow, I should be able to turn my $150 into $4500. On Friday, I figure I can turn that $4500 into $135K. By Sunday afternoon, I will be carrying around in excess of $121 million.

If only I had thought of this sooner.

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