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Apr 12

Happy Birthday Dad

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Happy birthday, Dad.

Apr 12 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt, the only president ever elected to four terms of office, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, GA. The following day, Vice President Harry S. Truman assumes the post and is told for the first time about the Manhattan Project.

Apr 12 1960
Eric Peugeot, 4-year-old son of the auto manufacturer, is kidnapped in Paris. The child is later freed after a $300,000 ransom is paid. Ultimately, the perpetrators are caught and sent to prison.

Apr 12 1961
Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alexeyevich Gargarin is the first man in space, aboard Vostok I.

Apr 12 1988
U.S. patent 4,736,866 is granted to Harvard University for a genetically-modified mouse, engineered to be particularly susceptible to carcinogens. The cancer-prone “Harvard Oncomouse” is the world’s first patented creature, and perhaps also the most screwed.

Apr 12 1989
1960s counterculture icon Abbie Hoffman kills himself by overdosing on barbituates.

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