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May 23

The Dead Of Prospect Park

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I tried to do my little thing for Ypsilanti Pride Day. I decided that by helping to clean Prospect Park, I could accomplish two goals: help beautify something in my neighborhood, and not have to walk too far. The far northeast corner was my domain, so if you don’t think I did a great job, you can email me to discuss. I did manage to figure out where the remaining bodies were buried there. I had known about four graves for some time now, but my Highland Cemetary knowledge is now complete. I haven’t quite figured out how I will use this knowledge to my advantage, but it will probably involve either t-shirts or scaring children at Halloween .

It completely slipped my mind, but the US is now a member of OPEC (even though their web site doesn’t list us as such). I think the high price of crude oil actually reflects kindly on the United States. The US belongs because we control Iraq. We obviously want the price to be very low, but for equally obvious reasons, Iraq wants the price to be high. What was in the best interests of Iraq won out over what was in the best interests of the US.

Finally, happy belated birthday Sun Ra.

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