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May 26

Drunk Nixon

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A conversation between Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft during the Arab-Israeli war in 1973 wherein Kissinger tells Scowcroft that President Nixon is too drunk to take a phone call from Prime Minister Edward Heath.K. Hello.

S. This is…, Henry. The switchboard just got a call from 10 Downing Street to inquire whether the President would be available for a call in 30 minutes from the Prime Minister. The subject would be the Middle East.

K. Can we tell them no? When I talked to the President he was loaded.

S. We could tell him the President is not available and perhaps he can call you.

K. I will be at Mr. Bradens and the President will be available tomorrow morning our time.

S. Are you coming over here at all this evening?

K. No, first thing in the morning.

S. Did you talk to Schermerhorn about the F-4’s scheduled for tomorrow?

K. I think two a day is fine.

S. Two a day can…

K. Throw in another one and make it six.

S. They have in mind keeping a two a day schedule. Send two from here and two from Europe and then two from here again.

K. For an indefinite period?

S. At least through six.

K. Then tell Dinitz he is getting six but that we may keep it going.

S. Right, ok. I will say the President will not be available until first thing in the morning but you will be this evening.

K. In fact, I would welcome it.

S. Very good.

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