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Jun 14

Corbis Theft

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In an effort to honor the recently deceased Ronald Reagan, the good folks over at the web site bring us the Ronald Reagan Memory Game. It cheats, so you’ve been warned.

Saturday night we traded in our Madstone Theaters memberships for Michigan Theater memberships. It was a little tough to give up the wonderful plastic cards in exchange for cheap, paper ones, but if the theater doesn’t go out of business, I’m all for it. Russ Collins, I am at your command.

Michael Moore’s latest film, “Fahrenheit 9/11” opens on Friday the 25th at the Michigan. Big deal. Call me when this one rolls into town. The way this guy tries to hunt Moore down for an interview is very reminiscent of a young Michael Moore circa “Roger & Me.” The way Moore ducks this guy in his quest for an interview is very reminiscent of Roger Smith of General Motors fame circa 1989.

Finally, the image to the left was nipped from John Kerry’s blog. If you notice, the image is a sample from the Corbis stock photography web site and can be purchased for private use. The Kerry campaign is breaking copyright violation in order to show us how morally bankrupt the current administration is. No one can tell me that Teresa wouldn’t have bought that for him if he’d asked. Save us Superman, you’re our only hope.

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