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Aug 12

Detroit Public Television

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The Detroit area has the very worst public television station. Ever. In the history of television. Take last night for example. If you were to tune into WTVS at 10:30 PM, you would have found two solid hours of Dave Fry teaching you how to play guitar. The Allentown Morning Call had this to say of Fry:

He’s kind of like a guitar where, over the years, it’s settled into the wood and finish and becomes a real fine vintage instrument…. He’s grown so wise with his music.

Regardless, it’s no reason to give him a two hour spot. I liked his 1999 release I Like Peanut Butter as much as the next guy, but he had partial prime time billing ahead of a Ray Charles concert. It’s not even pledge week or anything that would cause such programming as The Legacy of Glass. I guess it’s no surprise that Rick Steves has a television show and I do not.

I want my money back.

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