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Aug 17

Almost Famous

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Nicky Hilton married a money manager from New York in the wee hours of Sunday morning in Las Vegas. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to most, but I was disappointed to find out that Bijou Phillips was in Vegas the same time as me and didn’t say hello. When I ran into George Maloof at The Palms while having dinner at Little Buddha, I casually asked if she had asked about me. I think he could tell that I was reaching, so he quickly changed the subject. I probably came off looking a little pathetic, but George won’t rat me out. The last time I saw Bijou was when we were filming Almost Famous. I suppose I can understand her giving me the cold shoulder after what happened, but you can’t hold grudges forever. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole Richie is being a bad influence on her. Regardless, I wish Nicky and Todd the best.

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