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Oct 17

Keeping WEMU Poor

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You people [expletive deleted].

Normally I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. I just like to do my thing, but after tonight, I have no choice but to lecture you cheap [expletive deleted]. Tonight I spent nearly three hours working the phones at WEMU with the idea that while I was digging the best blues in the area, the phones would be ringing off the hook. As you probably have figured out, they weren’t. As soon as I showed up, we did have one moment where we received five calls at once. By the time we split, we had not received a call for nearly an hour. I did take $380 worth of pledges, but we fell $1500 short of all of our targets. The reason for this is mostly likely because you people [expletive deleted].

Here is your chance to make it up to me and Michael Jewitt though. Log in here and pledge. For a mere $130, you get the latest Ray Charles boxed set plus two free tickets to the end-of-pledge celebration featuring Los Gatos and an cash bar.

And since we are on the subject of how you people [expletive deleted], that was me cleaning up Luna Lake on Sunday afternoon. You guys do nothing but let me down.

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