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Mar 23

Way To Go, YPD

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Someone vandalized my car last night. Actually, it wasn’t my car, but it was a car that looks similar to mine. For this reason, I carry the torch for this fallen neighborhood car. I’ve narrowed it down to who might be behind this. It’s either someone who is against my pleas of support for Riverside Park, or it’s some crazy environmental group like the Environmental Liberation Front. If you recall, I purchased a relatively environmentally friendly vehicle and turned it into tricked-out hot rod by removing the catalytic converter and modifying the powertrain electronics system. I’ve had run-ins with ELF before, but I thought we put our past differences behind us. I guess not.

If anything good came of this random act of kindness, it was our first ever positive experience with the Ypsilanti Police Department. To be fair to the Police, all of my miserable experiences have been at the hands of the talented and friendly staff that works behind the counter at 505 West Michigan. I guess the old saying is true. No good deed goes unpunished.

Just to reiterate my plea for money, read yesterday’s request for everyone to donate $100 to the City towards the matching grant part of a MI DNR Trust Fund improvement grant for Riverside Park. Cough up some dough for a good cause. Ypsilanti is filled with good causes, do what you can to show your support for this one.

In an effort to make this easier for everyone, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do. Go here, and copy my letter to turn into the City Manager’s office. They’ll take it to Lansing and do the rest.

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