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Nov 02

Buy Local Beer

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Normally, I’m not about Public or Service, but if you toss beer into the mix, then I’m there like Mother Teresa.

I would like to preface this by saying that I was not offered financial incentive or free beer for posting this, but with any luck, the Greffs will read this and come through with the financials and beer at a future date.

As everyone should know by now, Rene and Matt Greff, owners of the Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor are opening a little place on East Forest by the Motor Wheel property in the old drafting building. They have an option to buy and are trying to raise the capital to make this project a go. They have decided to name this new venture The Corner Brewery. I suggested calling it The Malthouse because L.C. Wallington once had a malt house there where the Swaine House now stands. I thought it tied into the proud traditon of beer brewing in Ypsilanti, but since it’s technically not my business venture, I understand them not using my suggestion. I do appreciate the fact that they asked however.

The Greffs are looking to raise an additional $30K through what they call “creative capital.” People like yourselves have the opportunity to buy-in to the business at levels of $100, $500, and $1000. This investing differs from buying stock in the business because you are really buying your future meals and beverages upfront.

One hundred dollar investors will receive a $50 gift certificate, a one year Mug Club membership ($50 value), and an invitation to the special grand-opening event. Mug Club members get their own personal beer stein to drink from, get to fill their mug for half price on weekly mug nights, receive invitations to members-only pre-release parties to try seasonal beers before they are offered for public consumption, and get to enjoy a free sample of every seasonal beer in their mug once it has been released in the microbrewery.

Five hundred dollar investors will receive a $450 house account good towards beer, food, carry-out, and merchandise, a one year Mug Club membership, a Lifetime Founding Member Card, and Wall of Foam recognition. Founding Member privileges include invitations to all V.I.P. and pre-opening events, beergarden reservation privileges, age discount on your birthday (e.g., take 40% off on your 40th birthday), and free cover charge for all special events.

One thousand dollar investors will receive a $1000 house account good towards everything available at the $500 level, a Lifetime Mug Club membership, a Lifetime Founding Member Card, Wall of Foam recognition, and a name plate on the back of a bar stool.

If any of these interest you, you can contact Rene through email or by phone at 734.213.2289.

Please make sure you tell her you read this here. If I can direct enough traffic her way, I have a feeling I might be able to get her to call the place The Malthouse after all. At the very least, maybe I can get reserved parking spot.

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