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Mar 30

Sound Machine Groove

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It seems like only yesterday that I was begging readers to cough up some cash to support WEMU 89.1FM‘s on-air fundraising efforts. If you’re one of those WUOM people, you can just move along to the next embezzlement scandal.

I know times are tight for you. I know you’re worried about an city-wide income tax. I know your bus fare is probably going up. I know GM might fire you. I know Delphi is cutting your wages. I know all of this, but WEMU still needs your money. The last thing you need is to be walking from place to place looking for a job with another struggling auto company and not be able to listen to the greatest jazz and blues this area has to offer.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself.

If you call up WEMU on Sunday night between the hours of 7PM and 10PM and plege at least $25, I’ll match it with $25. That is to say, if you pledge $200, I’m still only matching $25.

The code for this pledge needs to be slightly different this time. Last October, the phrase that pays was “I would like to request ‘Good-bye Pork Pie Hat’ by Rahsaan Roland Kirk.” Micheal Jewett wasn’t completely down with this selection. He played it, but he didn’t think it quite fit the format. I disagreed at the time. I told him that Rahsaan Roland Kirk was like Colt 45 Malt Liquor, it was appropriate for any occassion.

Michael didn’t buy my logic, so we agreed to disagree. Regardless, to fit his format a little better this year, I’ve decided to go with some RL Burnside. If you’re a fan of RL, I’ll leave it up to you to choose, but I’d recommend either his version of Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” or “Goin’ Down South.” To be honest, nothing would make me happier than if you called in your pledge and then requested anything off of his seminal “A Ass Pocket Full of Whiskey” album. RL’s wild and unbridled energy typifies the atmosphere in the studio when we are answering phones and taking pledges.

Don’t let me down. Because if you do, RL is gonna come to your house and kick your ass.

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