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Jun 14

Blogging On $0.17 A Month

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There has been a significant amount of buzz regarding the absence of this site in recent days.Okay, there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of buzz, but Mark Maynard has been concerned.

Okay, maybe he’s not technically concerned per se, but he’s wondering aloud about the site and that’s a form of concern isn’t it? It is to me.

Now I have to come clean.

Ever since I declared my candidacy for City Council in the City of Ypsilanti’s 3rd Ward, the day-to-day operations of this site have been performed by a couple of kids in the neighborhood. For the first three months, they were pretty good with making updates, but as time passed, they become sloppy. Well sloppier than me. As such, I’ve wrested control back from these kids, and I promise you a kindler, gentler world.

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