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Jul 17

In The Shadow

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Well at least I was able to beat the Ypsilanti Courier to press.

In case you haven’t heard, the Shadow Art Fair was a success.

You know, for someone often prone to partaking in a bit of hyperbole now and then, to call the Shadow Art Fair a success doesn’t do it justice. It was amazing. I think we showed up around twelve thirty or so and it was already a mob scene. I overheard someone behind me say it was “too crowded.” Too crowded? For crissakes, that’s like saying a piece of cake is too delicious. Or that a Trilithon song sounds too much like In The Shadow or the RTs.

Hats off to Mark Maynard and the Michigan Design Militia for pulling off the event of the year in July.

Now if I could only write 500 more blog entries in the next three weeks praising fellow Ward 3 voters, August 8th will be a fun-filled day.

It should be pointed out that had the organizers of the Shadow Art Fair wanted to close a few streets for their event or hold it in a park, they would not have been allowed to do so due to the moratorium placed on new events. And you wonder why I’m asking you to Vote Robb? Go figure.

There are two sides to the moratorium on new events.

The word from City officials is that all of these festivals and special events place an incredible burden on the Ypsilanti Police Department. I read somewhere a claim that police officers work their days off for these festivals and get burned out. This official warned that because of the stress these festivals put on the YPD, there is the potential for mistakes to happen.

If you talk to the officers who actually work these festivals, they’ll tell you they love the overtime and the festivals are enjoyable to work.

Case in point. Did you happen to make it to this year’s Michigan Elvisfest? When the Blues Brothers performed, they were escorted to the stage by the police with their lights flashing. When the whole thing was over, the Blues Brothers as well as all the Elvi in attendance were shuttled to the Marriott on South Huron by several police cars all with their sirens and lights going.

Sounds like someone was having one helluva time. If that’s stress, then I’ll take two scoops.

Here I’ve turned a post praising the Shadow Art Fair into a political stump speech. For that I apologize, but it’s about deciding if you’re a defender of the status quo or you are one of those whole feel we need change. I can’t vote for you. You have to decide for yourself and I’m hoping that you line up on my side.

As far as my praising Mark Maynard, Mark, if you need a ride to the Marriott some time before August 8th, let me know. I’ll even make a siren noise if you like.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the guy who lives up the street and what an awesome job his did mowing his grass over the weekend.

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