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Jul 22

The Power Of The Press

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In case you missed it, THREE letters to the editor appeared on my behalf in the various local papers in support of the campaign.

The first hit the Ann Arbor News this past Sunday (July 16th). Unfortunately for me, they didn’t post those letters online. Fortunately for you, I’ll reprint it in it’s entirety for your reading pleasure.

Robb would be good for Ypsilanti council
As a union member (IBEW Local 252 and IATSE Local 395) for 20 years, I’ve seen how collectives function for the greater good. I know Brian Robb, who is running for Ypsilanti City Council in the Third Ward, as a person who can facilitate a productive administration that will benefit all of us collectively. He has been very involved in the community and won’t be influenced by the group-think of an entrenched bureacracy.

Robb is an intelligent and independent thinker who won’t waste money on frivolous nonsesense and is capable of making rational decisions without having to be tutored every step of the way by outside consultants who cost the City of Ypsilanti thousands of dollars. He is technologically savvy and a valued advocate for open and transparent government.

David M. Alber, Ypsilanti

This one appeared in the Wednesday, July 17th version of the Ann Arbor News. It’s online and can be found here.

It also appeared in the Thursday, July 18th version of the Ypsilanti Courier, but they do not post letters to the editor online. As it turns out, I do not have that policy.

Ypsilanti council needs Robb’s talents
I am writing to support the candidacy of Brian Robb for Ypsilanti City Council in the Third Ward. When I was on the city’s Blue Ribbon Committee on City Finances in 2004-05, Robb was invaluable in crunching numbers and providing the committee with careful and reasoned analysis showing how much each city resident would pay with the proposed income tax. He also worked tirelessly to ensure that the income tax did not disproportionately disadvantage low-income renters. As a committee member, I found Robb’s analysis more useful than the study conducted by an expensive consultant that Ypsilanti unwisely hired at a cost of more than $20,000 during tight budget times.

I also appreciate Robb’s consistent emphasis on ensuring that the details of our democracy are available to all. For example, he has encouraged Ypsilanti to resume publishing comments made during public comments time at council meetings. He has taken the time to attend the meetings. I have come to rely on his descriptions of what transpired when I have been unable to attend myself, as his renditions of events are accurate and insightful.

Robb is an active community leader. He has cajoled me and many others to come participate in Ypsilanti Pride in our local Prospect Park, and I am confident that he will be open and accessible to the many community groups that we have in Ypsilanti since he strongly values citizen participation in our neighborhoods and civic concerns.

Ingrid L. Kock, Ypsilanti

As you can imagine, those two will be the first to be rewarded with political favors should I be fortunate enough to get elected.

That’s a joke in case you weren’t paying attention.

Regardless, I’d encourage you to support your favorite candidates in the upcoming August 8th primary by writing a letter to your local editor. Just remember that it’s Brian with an I and Robb with two B’s.

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