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Jul 29

Vote Robb

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So another Ypsilanti mayoral debate has come and gone. This one was sponsored by the Ypsilanti Mayoral Debate Committee led by Mark Maynard. It was a smashing success. More importantly, it should have changed the minds of a lot of people.

Change is good. Please keep that in mind on August 8th when you are behind the curtain casting your ballot.

The candidates took about a dozen questions the debate committee had prepared ranging from the income tax to preserving City services to what democrat means to each candidate. This was followed by a series of lightning-round questions audience members had offered up in writing during the debate. At the very end, candidates running for City Council as well as County Commissioner were each give two minutes to wow the portion of the crowd that remained.

I’m not complaining for the opportunity to speak. The only thing I wish the YMDC would have done was to keep the cameras and audio rolling.

Here it is in all it’s glory. My two minutes worth of persuasion:

Good evening.

My name is Brian Robb and I am running for City Council in Ward 3.

I’m an engineer and I work for the Ford Motor Company. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I solve problems.

My goal is to take my problem-solving experience and use it to make Ypsilanti a better place to live and work. My experience will allow me to achieve workable solutions to complex problems. I have the necessary skill sets such as team building, problem resolution, being able to build consensus, and the ability to persuade others to see the solution from my point of view. Because I am not tied to the current administration, I will be able to bring a fresh perspective on the challenges our community faces, helping the Council see beyond the status quo. I will not be influenced by the group-think mentality of an entrenched bureaucracy.

I am running because Ypsilanti is facing some serious challenges and needs qualified individuals who won’t shy away from the difficult questions. I am running because we need to bring transparency and openness back to government in order to strengthen it. I am running because there are more creative ways to fix our financial problems than the single-minded path of an income tax. I am running because I am passionate about Ypsilanti and want to see it succeed.

I am the only Ward 3 candidate that has experience in dealing with multi-million dollar budgets.

I am the only Ward 3 candidate to regularly attend City Council meetings over the last year and a half.

I am the only Ward 3 candidate with the enthusiasm for the job and the deep knowledge of the issues that we need in order to move Ypsilanti forward.

So on August 8th, I ask that you consider which candidate is most equipped and capable to do the job. I ask that you vote Brian Robb for City Council in Ward 3.

Thank you.

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