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Aug 28

A Guide To Ypsilanti’s Blind Pigs

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So this is the scene at this past Saturday’s CoPAC neighborhood picnic that took place in Prospect Park. Me, Kate, the Mayor, and Dan DuChene from the Ypsilanti Courier are sitting at a picnic table solving the City’s problems over a couple hot dogs and a few bowls of potato salad. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when the right people are randomly placed together.

Anyway. We are almost done with the analysis and recommendations for the City when I brought up what to do with Theo’s on West Cross. When I first moved here, I remembered it being open and being a place where college kids could get their Goose on. There is a comedy club in Ann Arbor called The Improv Inferno that has apparently lost their lease. While I’m not a big fan of comedy clubs, a lot of people are, and therefore it seems logical to find these side-splitting nomads a place to call home. So I suggested Theo’s.

Well, according to ace reporter Dan DuChene, Theo’s is still in business and has been for forever. They only operate between the hours of 11PM and 2AM, but they are open for business nevertheless. Mr. DuChene reports the two happening nights of the week are the Tuesday night Beer Pong tournament and some kind of frat party that takes place every Thursday night.

I don’t have anything more to say about that. I just found it strange that a place that has existed my entire life here in Ypsilanti that I thought was empty is in fact a vibrant part of someone’s community. It makes me rethink all of the empty businesses and storefronts throughout town. Maybe Ypsilanti is more electric that we thought. Maybe the real problem is that a lot of business owners just lack the proper marketing skills needed to adequately advertise their binge drinking events.

After all of this business with the County is finally complete, I’m thinking Theo’s could be the new hang out for Council after meetings. Everyone is always talking about how the City needs to work more closely with the students at EMU. Tell me that a beer pong tournament made up of City Council versus EMU students wouldn’t be just perfect.
At the very least, it would provide an opportunity for Ward 3 to continue to show their dominance over the rest of the City.

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