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Sep 12

Don’t Call It A Comeback

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So it’s official. Well, it’s official again.I would like to refer to it as defending my title, but at the risk of being too flamboyant, the recount is over and I’m still Ypsilanti’s Democratic candidate for City Council in Ward 3.

The results were a little surprising. My margin of victory shrunk from 12 to 9. What that means is of the 123 ballots that were cast in which a voter didn’t vote for a candidate in the council race, three, or 2.43% were not counted. The surprising part was in the age of optical scanning equpiment, there was a margin of error of 2.43%. No wonder Al Gore is so pissed.

I have to admit that I really like the recount process. I think we could add more interest to Ypsilanti politics if we had more, superfluous recounts. Maybe we could do one each quarter. Obviously the results would never change, but it would give a lot of people some hope if only for an afternoon. It’s like when you are watching “Bambi.” You just know what’s going to happen to Bambi’s mother, but you’re rooting for her to make it every single time.

For my next recount, I’m going to take on a Drain Commissioner.

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