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Sep 13

Nudge, Nudge

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So I’m sitting at the Sidetrack having a drink. I probably shouldn’t mention this, but because of my support, they kindly offer me drink specials. I can get a bathtub-sized drink for only $2.95 provided I enjoy them between the hours of 4-6PM or 10PM to closing. I’m talking seven days a week here. Now that’s a sweet deal.

Anyway. I’m sitting there when someone comes up to me and says, “Is she insane?” This person also says something that sounds a lot like, “Ubba grubba grooby dooby dip dip fa-tang,” then presses this into my hands and stumbles out the door.

For the record, I support liquor establishments. Also for the record, I’m nowhere near crazy enough to do something like that.

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