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Nov 03

Abusing My Powers

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So there was this big to do about downtown tonight sponsored by some neighborhood kids. I went to show my support and learn about what they were doing.

After it was all over, I headed to a downtown establishment to throw down some dough on food and drinks.

After that was all over, I headed back to my car only to find that it had been towed.

I went to a downtown forum and spent money in a downtown business only to have my automobile towed as a sign of cosmic appreciation.

The nice folks over at Budget towing had my car for exactly 46 minutes and charged me $242 for the pleasure.

I’m looking forward to when that contract is up for review again.

I’m debating the next time I go downtown again. Those big-box stores don’t look so bad now.

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  1. Comment by trusty getto
    November 3, 2006 @ 2:19 pm

    It does stand to reason that if one is going to run a towing business in a city, one may wish to have a list of license numbers that one might want to consider not towing.

    It’s just common sense. And if my experiences having to sit through Budget Towing’s ubiquitous collection activity in the district court is any indication, they have no common sense. What they have is tantamount to a license to print their own money.

    I say offer them a contract to tow cars at a cost of $11 Million, and when they balk have the city buy a towtruck and handle the the matter on its own. Doling this kind of authority out to a private enterprise results in abuse, with few checks and balances.

  2. Comment by rodsmith
    November 6, 2006 @ 12:36 am

    An investigation I never followed up on at the Courier was to have a good long look at Budget’s contract with the city, and Salamay’s relationship with Basar.

    The contract is pretty clearly written, Salamay was in breach of it in so many ways it wasn’t funny, and the City slapped him on the wrists and told him no to do it again. Basar (who’s job it was to chose the towing company for the city) was either out or on his way out by the time Salamay met with the city attorney.

    There was no question of compensation for those who had been ripped off by Salamay, and a lot of folks allegedly lost their cars over this.

    The whole thing stinks so badly that a self-respecting dog would leave it to rot on its own.

    License to print money doesn’t cover it.

    I didn’t do the investigation because I was on my way out of the Courier at the time, but the information is there to be had if someone wants to dig for it.

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