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Dec 01

Think Locally, Shop Automobiley

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Had things gone according to plan, I’d be on my way to the Volvo Proving Grounds in sunny Arizona. In the spirit of imaginary conversations, I’d like to offer this to show why I am still here in Michigan.

ME: I know it’s important to the company and all, but I can’t go to Arizona this weekend.
MY BOSS: You realize with massive layoffs coming in the next couple of weeks here, we won’t be able to look favorably upon this act of belligerence. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider you decision?
ME: I’m sure. I have other plans that are too important to miss.
MY BOSS: What in particular? Death in the family? Are you accepting some kind of lifetime achievement award?
ME: Not quite.
MY BOSS: Then what is it that’s more important than your job?
ME: You see, there’s this thing called the Shadow Art Fair. I could probably get into a lot of trouble if I didn’t make an appearance there.
MY BOSS: Are you joking?
ME: No. No. No. I’m serious. This event is sort of kicking of Buy Local Week. It’s an event to encourage people to shop locally instead of buying from companies that have no vested interest in the community.
MY BOSS: We work for a local company. Will people be selling cars there?
ME: That’s not really what they mean by local.
MY BOSS: But we employ tens of thousands of people right here in Michigan. You don’t get more local than that.
ME: Look. Just stop it. You’re going to fire me, and now you’re going to get me recalled.
MY BOSS: Whatever. Are you sure this is what you want to do?
ME: I’d better. It’s what politics is all about.
MY BOSS: You should probably clean out your desk now. That way you’ll be all ready come January.
ME: Thanks. I knew you’d understand.

So I encourage everyone to stop in at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti either tonight from 8PM to midnight or tomorrow December 2nd from 11AM to 8PM and enjoy the colorful wares the Shadow Art Fair has to offer. The Corner Brewery is located at 720 Norris Street in the heart of Ypsilanti’s Brewing District just a few blocks north of Depot Town.

I’ll be there. Reading the classifieds or something. If you ask me, I’ll get you A-Plan on a nice, locally-made automobile.

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