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Apr 17

Baseball Is Dull Only To Dull Minds

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So I received my first piece of hate mail today.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I receive a lot of hate mail. I guess what I meant to say is that I received my first letter in which someone said they were disappointed in me.

They even used words like “woofer”, “traitor”, “chizz”, and “schlepper”.

The thing that startled me the most was how much 1930s era slang they used. The author must be upwards of 120 years old. Anyway. Before I allow myself to be Swift Boated, I need to come clean. I’m helping to coach an Ypsilanti Little League team this year.

Not in the National League. In the American League.

To most of you rummies that won’t seem scandalous, but to those in the know, you’re probably agreeing that I’m betraying my East Side roots. You see, the dividing line between the National and American leagues is the Huron River. The American League runs from the river to the eastern edge of the County whereas the National League goes from the river to Platt Road or somewhere. So yes, in a way, I have betrayed my people. If I’m going to help anyone, I should be representing East Side-style.

To be perfectly honest, the National League kicks the American Leagues’ collective asses every year. I want to help the underdog.

Saturday, April 21st is Opening Day for the Ypsilanti American Little League. The first pitch will be thrown out around 11AM at Recreation Park in a game involving the Orioles and Tigers.

Everyone talks about the amount of history Ypsilanti has. Whether it’s old houses, old cars, old punk rockers, old serial killers, or old broads, you can find it in Ypsilanti.

Well, Ypsilanti is also the home to old baseball.

Ypsilanti has had a pivotal role in Little League Baseball. Back in 1973, a young 12-year-old girl by the name of Carolyn King, tried out for the Orioles and made the team beating out 15 boys. She earned a place in the starting lineup.

Well, the progressives at Little League headquarters in Williamsport, PA cited a rule barring girls from competing. Rather than pass another towing ordinance, the Ypsilanti City Council told Williamsport that if Ms. King wasn’t allowed to play, the City would cut off funding and bar them from their fields.

It turns out you don’t mess with Little League. They immediately pulled the charter for the Orioles. Again, City Council stepped in and voted 10-0 directing City Attorney Ken Bronson to file a federal lawsuit against Little League charging them for violating the US Constitution.

Long story short, the US Division of Civil Rights ordered Little League to drop its boys-only policy, and in 1974, Little League revised its rules to allow girls to compete.

Hopefully everyone will come out this Saturday to enjoy the lack of sex discrimination.

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