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Oct 23

The Sun Isn’t Yellow, It’s Chicken

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While unofficial at this time, the City of Ypsilanti has been awarded $6,000 in the form of a Community Energy Project Grant. The purpose of the grant is to pay for projects that “inform and educate consumers about solar and/or wind opportunities”.

The grant will be used for a solar hot water project at the Rutherford Pool. Two of the showers will be retrofitted to have the water heated through solar.

Drawing on experience from the community, the design was completed by David Collins.

With Dave Strenski spear-heading solar panels at City Hall and now David Collins doing the pool, all Ypsilanti needs to find is an expert on green roofs and possibly someone to help the DPW with BioDiesel.

Finally, a tremendous amount of credit needs to be heaped on Bill Bohlen, Director of Public Works and City planner, Richard Murphy, for all their hard work in making these types of projects possible.

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